Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 13...Santa Lucia Day

Santa Lucia Day 
is considered primarily a 
Scandinavian holiday
that starts on December 13,
what ancient Scandinavians considered
the longest day of the year according to
an ancient calendar.
It is often referred to as the 
Festival of Lights.
Although it is said to have Roman origins.
It is also celebrated in different forms across Europe.
It is primarily known as a
Scandinavian holiday, though.
I have always paid attention to it as it falls on my birthday,
and starts the 12 days of Christmas!

Who is she?

Saint Lucy was working to help Christians hiding in the catacombs during the terror under the Roman Emperor Diocletian, and in order to bring with her as many supplies as possible, she needed to have both hands free.  She solved
the problem by wearing a crown of candles so she could carry
more supplies.

The tradition is that she carries buns and hot chocolate
and delivers them to neighbors.
There is another tradition that
the eldest daughter wears the crown of candles, wearing white with a red sash, and delivering cinnamon buns and hot chocolate
to her parents while they are still in bed on the morning of 
December 13.

Little boys and other children celebrate too by 
wearing pointy hats and carrying stars.

They also sing the Santa Lucia song....
which has Italian origins!

It is a very sweet, Christian holiday.

And basically very adorable....

Happy Santa Lucia Day!!!

Let's go eat some 
buns and hot chocolate!!!

Have a 
Lucia Day,
my little
(with raisins....)

Sending love and joy your way.


  1. is this where the expression "having your hair on fire" comes from? Love you blog always! Madhavi And Happy Birthday!!

    1. Mahdavi!!! So good to hear from you!! Thank you for the birthday greeting!! xoxo

  2. Definitely with raisins! Fun blog...I always learn so much from the things you post. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    1. Ah! A fellow raisin girl!!! Thank you for the birthday greeting! xo


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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