Friday, December 16, 2016

It's a Barbie Christmas!

Barbie reminds me of Christmas.
I got alot of Kewl
Barbie stuff for Christmas!!!

Barbie's outfits have numbers on them.
These are some of the outfits I either had 
or wanted as a tyke.

So elegant, Miss Barbie!

The fam at Christmas

Family Christmas Card.

My only concern with this picture is that Barbie is
one of the original Barbies of 1959,
the man standing next to her is Ken's friend Alan from the mid 60's,  her little sister Skipper is from early 60's, little boy is Ricky Alan's little brother of the late 60's (my mind is wandering...)
so this looks like either....

1.  Ken is dead or divorced from Barbie.
2.  Barbie has taken on Ken's younger best friend Alan as either an adopted son
or a cougar town romance.
3.  Barbie is supporting her sister Skipper, Ken's friend Alan and Alan's brother Rickie and
leads a life of obsessively making their lives perfect.
4.  It is obvious that Barbie is no longer a teenager model
(although I thought she never looked teenage)
and is getting extensive/expensive plastic surgery to maintain her
1950's look...for Alan of course.

Oh Barbie. 
How things have changed 
from when we hung out together in the 1960's.

Seriously, these old Barbie pics just make
me so happy.  
; )

Whilst I was looking at Barbie stuff, I stumbled upon this
cute little deer card.
It really appealed to me! it is.
From me to you.
Just pretend it doesn't say 'Mommy".
; )

9 Days to Christmas!!!
(my grandson reminded me this morning)

Sending love and extra joy your way
my elfie-kins!!!


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  1. I think Barbie will be around FOREVER! On my last trip to Utah, I found and brought my Barbie home with me. It was fun going through her case and looking at all the clothes. Fun memories.........


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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