Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bitossi Raymor Pottery and Rimini Blu

I have always been a fan of 
bluey, greeny 
It all began in our house on La Salle Dr
with the
bluey, greeny
short pile carpet
in the living room.
I played with my Barbies on it,
made forts with my dad's 
big brown chair on it,
stared at it.
And out the  window I could
see green hills
pure, blue, blue 

And now, I love this Rimini Blu.

Rimini Blu.


On the website
'Retro Renovation'
it states:

"The color — made famous in a line of Bitossi pottery designed by Aldo Londi and officially introduced in 1959 — is a rich royal blue apparently achieved with a proprietary glaze. Lapis lazuli is a synonym, I’d say. So is Cobalt. And Bitossi says the precedent was actually a 1955 Londi vase in a color originally called “Persiano Blu” — Persian Blue."

"When and how: the birth of the Rimini Blu collection

Aldo Londi has been the creative soul of Bitossi Ceramiche for 40 years: Thanks to him we have the Rimini Blu collection that is officially dated to 1959 when it was firstly cited on the notebooks of Raymor, the American importer and distributor who first introduced Italian home design to the US market. Traditionally this collection is dated back to 1955 when Londi created the big “Ball Vase” in the characteristic Persiano Blue, but only a few years later a group of objects all bearing this special effect and chromatic tone are gathered into a line of products that was called Rimini Blu. A collection with an extremely modern background for the playful and allusive sense of shapes and for this special decorative technique that was conceived purposedly in the post-war years when it had become necessary to find ways to employ in the growing ceramic industry a not trained labor from agriculture.
That’s where this embossed pattern comes from and it combines a easy technique with the advantage of a pleasant and stunning effect, underlined, in the Rimini Blu, by the chromatic effect obtained by putting underneath yellow and black stripes in those points where the blue turns to green. 
(emphasis Pam’s)"

But, the blue is not the only color they use.
I love these other pottery pieces as well!

I am so filled with happiness and joy.
I'm in love.

Thank you,
Mr. Londi.
; )

Miss Eva Cassidy.
This version of this song
touches my heart so very much.
and immerse yourselves
in splenderoficity....

Oh Eva.
Your life was too short....
I want to hear more 
from you.
I must dance with scarves.

Dear little ones of mine,
please have a

Friday and weekend.

Love to you all...


  1. I have a pair of his lamps and they are some of my prize possessions! Sarah xxx

  2. You should look at my RARE vase set!


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