Monday, July 04, 2011

Featured Artist: Carl Larsson

Carl Larsson

Why I love Carl......

Carl said...
"that the pictures of  family and home
 became the most immediate and lasting part of my life's work. 
For these pictures are of course a very genuine expression of my personality, 
of my deepest feelings, of all my limitless love for my wife and children."

My first CL acquisition in the form of a post card...


I have loved Carl Larsson since I was a teenager.
I bought a book of his illustrations when I was a freshman in college,
and it is one of my most treasured books.

He paints family, neighbors children, gardens, the interior of his home, portraits of his wife,
picnics, his children doing their home work, painters working on his kitchen, women sewing, farm life......
he makes me love life,
he makes me love the simple joys in this life 
and see how wonderful/dignified
our daily deeds can be.


His daughter Britta sleeping

Painters in his house

His children playing mama and papa

His room in his house

The punishment


His church

His wife

Guardian angel

Isn't he just the best?
Just love him!

A little music to take you out to your Tuesday.  ; )

Oh Nina!  You make me feel life is so good! ; )

Hope your holiday was the best.
Love to you all!!!!!

xoxoxoxo d

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  1. Hi there, I love this blog. I hope you will check out mine too, I linked to you today. God Jul!


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