Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Featured Artist: Elizabeth Sonrel


Elizabeth Sonrel, 
French artist

Link to wiki

I LOVE how she incorporated
flowers into most her paintings.

Man, what a talent!
And she lived until 1953.
Why does that surprise me so much?
Possibly the continued style of 
Art Nouveau.
I love that she stuck to her roots
her whole career.

Love discovering 

Sing it Mr. Smooth!

It's a sunny glorious day with
electric blue sky!
Hope your day is as
as mine!

Love to you all,

Monday, February 08, 2016

Hope for Spring?

I get pretty anxious for Spring around this time in February.
I think it is because of where I grew up.
Spring was just around the corner.
There might be a daffodil starting to shoot a touch of
green from the earth this time of year.

And when I get this hope for Spring,
I reflect on the beauty of where I grew up.
Pleasant Hill, California.

This pic would be after a rainy winter.
The hills were green in winter,
gold in summer.

Wild mustard bloomed late spring.
(these pics were taken by a 
sweet little photographer in the Bay Area)

We had our beloved single mountain,
Mount Diablo.

I don't remember snow on Mt. Diablo,
but I guess there was!

When we moved there, our house was one of the last on the road in a new tract of homes.
There were still blooming fruit orchards on the hills,
wild mustard,
green grass...
a perfect place to play and climb trees.

I get 'home sick' some times.
But I do love where I live now,
even though Spring flowers won't come up
for a few months.

David R. Stoecklein has taken so many 
beautiful pictures of this area.  
This is one of many.

Here in Idaho-land the sun is shining and it 
will be a warm 34 degrees says the weatherman.
I am soooo excited that it will be that warm.
; )

I hope you have a wonderful week,
my little 
Monday hooligans.
Sending lots of love and positive
energy your way!
And remember,
there is joy and happiness around
the corner!

Love to you all!

Thursday, February 04, 2016


I love 
A dash of sunshine.

Butterflies and Bumblebees

butterflies and bumblebees
egg yolks on toast
mustard fields and pots of gold
sunflower seeds to roast
ringlets fall lightly
ornaments of golden wings
from a little girl so fair fall softly from her hair
dreaming of yellow submarines
banana peels to slip and fall that would be no fun happy face from the sun
helps sunshine come your way
yellow is for warmth on a cold and windy day
yellow through your window pane

~Betty Bateson


Sending sunshine,

and roses,

your way!

Love to you all,
little rays of sunshine!


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Black Cats

Cecily Settles

(Beth Thompson)
Cecily settles
soft as a thistle;
corona of fur
seems lighter than air.
Cecily preens,
her long whiskers bristle;
she rumbles a purr,
at peace, without care.
Cecily soothes
my soul as I wrestle
with problems that press,
with worries that bind.
The sight of her comforts
a brain snarled and aching;
Cecily settles . . .
and settles my mind.

Nurse Cat

(Mary Peat McDonald)
Medical science
Does not recognize
The warm soothing properties
Of you light
Furry body,
Now stretched gently
Over my incision.
Your throaty
Is part of the
Millenniums older than
"Electrical Nerve Stimulation."
Your unblinking
Yellow eyes are gentle
At an occasional
Night sound
Your whiskers
Brush my chin
In reassuring
The periodic light
Of you snowy
Fore paws
Is indeed the
Laying on of hands.
I know.
These are not black cats.
But they sure are cute
; )
Monday, Monday.
Monday gets a bad rap!!!
It's not so bad, right?

Have a mega-faaaaaantastic week,
my little

Love ya!

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