Sunday, November 29, 2015

Be-you-tiful Again!

I have been asked to re-post this post from last year, and actually 
6 years ago as well!
Have a great week,
you be-you-tiful 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fuchsia Friday

It is Friday night,
and I am tired of hearing about
Black Friday.
I have now christened it
'Fuchsia Friday'.
Black seems so drab.
In MY life...
day after
now represents a pretty flower.
; )

Aren't these goooorgeous???
My dad always planted these in our back yard in
California when I was growing up.
As a tyke I use to go around popping them before they bloomed.

Such a naughty little blondie I was.

I just love these flowers.

My mom told me that her mom grew fuchsias in Utah.
She'd take them down to the basement for the winter.
This is my grandma and grandpa.
Such a sweet looking couple.

I do the same thing with geraniums.
I bring them in during the winter.
Maybe I should try Fuchsias next year!

So, are you with me?
We could all dress in the color fuchsia.

I love a man in fuchsia.
; )

How I would feel wearing fuchsia on
Black Friday.

ok.  I'm done.
Oh wait....
This girls name is Fuchsia!!!
We should include her in this rebellion.
We can dance.

Well thank you for indulging me in my little
fuchsia fantasy.
I feel better now.
; )

Love to you all,
my little cutie pies!!!

(yes, I know it is Saturday again.  
What's up with that????)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Squirrel Nation

I love squirrels.

I don't know why,
but Thanksgiving always reminds me of 
acorns, hence
Gathering food for the winter,
having a feast,
things like that.

Our last home was very close to another old home.
I looked out my bedroom window, and there was
a hole in the aluminum siding about the size of a grapefruit.
In spring, birds built nests in the hole.
December thru March, squirrels wintered there.

I saw lot of this kind of action,
two squirrels poking their cute faces out of a hole.
We'd stare at each other alot.
They were my friends.
I miss them
; )

I looked for some cute squirrel things this morning.
Lo and behold I learned something surprising.
We are a Squirrel Nation!!!
Etsy has 250 pages of squirrel items!!!
Story books are filled with squirrel illustrations!!!
People paint squirrels!!!
I am feeling squirrely!!!

You're welcome Mr. Squirrel!
So polite!

Are not these adorable
little jewelry boxes???


Nice song.
Makes me love this holiday.

A good one to you, mateys!!
May your Thanksgiving 
be filled with joy and
people you love.
And may 
God be with you all!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Whaaaaaat? Saturday?

Ya, don't usually do Saturday posts.
: 0
Just felt like it today.
Wanted to share some Eva.
I think she may be my most favorite singer
in the whole wide world.
She passed away in 1996 from cancer.
Such a loss to us all.
been listening to her today and just thought I'd share 
some of my favorites.
Quiet, thoughtful songs...

Thanks to my friend and former boss of 24 years,
for teaching me to love this song.
He's a big Sting fan.
We were listening to a group of musicians
at a bar 
(I had never been to a bar as I don't drink!!!) 
on one of our conference trips
and he requested that song.
I had never really thought much about that song until then,
and it soon became one of my favorites.
Thanks for turning me onto it Russ!
Come to think of it, 
we went to more 
than one bar to listen to music during 2002-2005,
the conference attending years!
I had no idea there was such good music in bars!

Here's more of my Fave Eva songs...

How'd she know all my favorite songs???

So just sitting here listening to Eva,
staring at the hand prints half way down on my front
french door windows.
Hand prints from my grand-kiddos last
visit over a month ago.
I can't bear to wash them off,
cuz they make me so happy
and remind me of their
cute little shenanigans. 

Well with those silly little face, 
I'll sign off.
Happy Saturday to you all!
Sending love 
and silly faces
your way!

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