Wednesday, September 17, 2014

J. Kirk Richards: Featured Artist

J. Kirk Richards is a contemporary artist
from Utah.

I have just recently learned of him,
and I am pretty much enamored with
his portrayals of Christ
and his landscapes,
just all of it!

Find out more about him 

Peruse and ponder and
(remember, if you click on the picture it will bring it up
in a different format and you can possibly 
see it better)

Self Portrait

his landscapes.
I am particularly fond of black cows against our
Idaho landscape, 
so this is possibly why I love these so.

Oh my,
This one just makes me
so happy.
; )

This one can be purchased at
Deseret Book Store
in person or on the internet.

And to add to his repertoire,
he is also a singer/songwriter and has
two CDs in publication which you can buy on itunes.


Somewhere Along the Line

The artist at work and....

with his cute little family.
; )

The musician....

Pretty talented guy, eh?

All right, you little cutie pies.
Here's to having a 
tail wagging
Sending love your way...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Yes, It's a 2014 Chameleon

What color would you say these items are?

Ice Blue?

This is french 
Opaline glass described as

The bottom piece was described as
'coke bottle green'.

'Blue' macaroons
(which do not look very desirable to me).

French Opaline glass.

French blue glass.

'Sea Foam Blue'

'Sea Foam Green'

Green/blue ocean water.

Opaline Aqua again.

Ice Blue.

Ice Blue.

Coke Bottle Green, again.

What color is this car?

I drove home in this blue car.

I got home and looked at my car.
It had turned into THIS blue car!

Went to the grocery story,
and it turned into a GREEN car.

The next morning....
it was this SILVER car.

And so, I have realized my car is a chameleon. 
The dilemma.

I would say this picture describes it the best.

What should I call it?
I like to give my cars a name.
Exactly what would be an appropriate name?
Any ideas?
Chameleon just is not cute enough.
; )

And so I leave you with this question.

The good news is,
I LOVE my car!!!
It is a hybrid and MPG so far is,
60  MPG around town and 45 MPG on the highway if I go 69.
If I go 84 and run the air conditioner
(our speed limit is 80 from ID to Poky)
I get 30 MPG.
Not too shabby.

Sending love and positive vibes to you all,
my sweet little bugga-boos.
May your day be filled with 
joy and happiness!

Love to you all!
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