Monday, December 12, 2016

Anna Mary Robertson Moses

What a beautiful lady.

In her cute apron.
; )
(this is my favorite pic of her)

In her cute crocheted collar.

In her cute hat.

Just looking really cute.

During a visit to Hoosick Falls in 1938, Louis J. Caldor, who collected art and worked as an engineer in the state of New York, discovered paintings made by Moses in the window of a drug store. He bought their supply and ten more from her Eagle Bridge house for $3 or $5 each. 

The next year, three Grandma Moses paintings were included in New York's Museum of Modern Art exhibition entitled "Contemporary Unknown American Painters". Her first solo exhibition, "What a Farm Wife Painted," opened in the same city in October 1940 at Otto Kallir's Galerie St. Etienne.[2][9] 

A meet-and-greet with the artist and an exhibition of 50 paintings at Gimbel's Department Store was held next on November 15. 

Her art displays included samples of her baked goods and preserves that won Moses prizes at the county fair. 
; )

Her third solo show in as many months, was held at the Whyte Gallery, Washington, D.C.[9] 

In 1944 she began to be represented by the American British Art Center and the Galerie St. Etienne, which increased her sales. 

Her paintings were exhibited throughout Europe and the United States over the next 20 years.[2] Otto Kallir established the Grandma Moses Properties, Inc. for her.[4]

One of her embroidered creations.

Love everything about this pic.
; )

Grandma Moses died on December 13, 1961 at 101 years of age in Hoosick Falls, New York at the Health Center. She is buried there at the Maple Grove Cemetery.[2] President John F. Kennedy memorialized her: 

"The death of Grandma Moses removed a beloved figure from American life. The directness and vividness of her paintings restored a primitive freshness to our perception of the American scene. Both her work and her life helped our nation renew its pioneer heritage and recall its roots in the countryside and on the frontier. All Americans mourn her loss."

I find her story an inspiration!
Maybe there's hope for me learning
to paint! 
; )
Have a 
my little 

Sending love and joy your way...

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  1. Me too....I've always wanted to paint. You share the most interesting things on your blog - love it!


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