Thursday, September 01, 2011

Gudrun: Kewl Lady

                                                                                 GUDRUN SJODEN DESIGN

Gudrun Sjoden makes colorful clothes and home textiles in natural materials with a Scandinavian design sensibility.  Garments are designed to be functional and versatile and mixed and matched to suit women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  With a head office in Stockholm, Sweden, the company manages their own concept boutiques, catalogues and web shops to customers across Europe.  Known for their bright color and print combinations, with an artisinal craft appeal, Gudrun Sjoden produces timeless clothes with a long lifespan, and works with eco-jersey, minimized chemical use, chlorine-free paper and reduced packaging.



And Home Design...






She makes clothing up to XXL.
I think that is really awesome
for a fashionista to be 
earthy/realistic.  ; )

Ya, she's Scandinoovian.
And I think she would really fit into
my family.  ; )
I should let her know we could adopt her.

I think the dresses would look good on you.
; )

It's fruity Friday!
Enjoy a banana, ok?
Love to you all...
xoxoxo dd

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