Monday, January 13, 2014

Kat Attack

I am a cat person.
I was also a cat child.
I sought them out.
I talk to them.
If I don't know them I introduce
myself to them.
I often bring cat treats in my car
to give to random cats.
I have been to the shelter to 
visit the lonely cats.
I am not one of those crazy
cat people.
I'm not.

Yes, I do this.

Yes, I do this.

I have done this.

I have done this.

I believe this.

I have had this happen to me.

I believe this sort of thing
has happened in my home.

I laugh at these….

I love the interspecies cuddles.

The mama baby cuddles.

Then there's the newborns and kittens.

I play a game with my kitty where
I touch her tongue if it is out.

Kitty tongues are so cute.
; )
She always looks at me and then
licks her chops.

Tee hee!
But they feel like sandpaper.
My Cally always wants to give me a bath.
It hurts.


Double ow.

Here's to a 

Love you all,
my little kitty lickees.



  1. I love kitties, too! At one point, I had 24. When my husband got sick quite a few years back (bad asthma, or something like that), the doctor said no more cats. It broke my heart. I kept saying.......husband, cats, husband, cats..........eventually, my husband won. I couldn't find anyone to take my beautiful cats so I had to take them to the vet and have them all put to sleep. Ah.......................................

    1. Oh this is heartbreaking! I am allergic as well, but the allergy meds let me have my little sweetie. Husband was a good choice. ; )

  2. Marsha story breaks my heart, poor thing. These pictures however make me very happy. I have two cats but I'm not a crazy cat lady but I love hate them to death. I don't know how I'd survive without critters, they just make me happy!

  3. I love kitties too! Other people's kitties :)


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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