Saturday, November 21, 2015

Whaaaaaat? Saturday?

Ya, don't usually do Saturday posts.
: 0
Just felt like it today.
Wanted to share some Eva.
I think she may be my most favorite singer
in the whole wide world.
She passed away in 1996 from cancer.
Such a loss to us all.
been listening to her today and just thought I'd share 
some of my favorites.
Quiet, thoughtful songs...

Thanks to my friend and former boss of 24 years,
for teaching me to love this song.
He's a big Sting fan.
We were listening to a group of musicians
at a bar 
(I had never been to a bar as I don't drink!!!) 
on one of our conference trips
and he requested that song.
I had never really thought much about that song until then,
and it soon became one of my favorites.
Thanks for turning me onto it Russ!
Come to think of it, 
we went to more 
than one bar to listen to music during 2002-2005,
the conference attending years!
I had no idea there was such good music in bars!

Here's more of my Fave Eva songs...

How'd she know all my favorite songs???

So just sitting here listening to Eva,
staring at the hand prints half way down on my front
french door windows.
Hand prints from my grand-kiddos last
visit over a month ago.
I can't bear to wash them off,
cuz they make me so happy
and remind me of their
cute little shenanigans. 

Well with those silly little face, 
I'll sign off.
Happy Saturday to you all!
Sending love 
and silly faces
your way!


  1. Just sitting here listening to all the music you posted. I've heard all those songs and I'm enjoying listening to them, again. I didn't know who the singer was but she was definitely good.
    Your little grands faces are darling. And as for the fingerprints.......ahhhh! Reminds me of the poem, "My Dirty Little Hand Prints". Aren't grands the greatest!

  2. Never heard of her before. But the Music is amazing!
    And your grand children are so adorable :-)
    Hand prints on glass or mirrors used to drive me crazy. UNTIL! I had my baby boy... Now I do not see prints on glass... I only recognize the shape of his little hands and smile to myself :-)

    1. I agree about the hand prints! I'm kind of silly that way. I have one in my bedroom on the wall of my little grandbaby Daphne. I have been thinking of putting a tiny frame around it! ; )


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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