Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Squirrel Nation

I love squirrels.

I don't know why,
but Thanksgiving always reminds me of 
acorns, hence
Gathering food for the winter,
having a feast,
things like that.

Our last home was very close to another old home.
I looked out my bedroom window, and there was
a hole in the aluminum siding about the size of a grapefruit.
In spring, birds built nests in the hole.
December thru March, squirrels wintered there.

I saw lot of this kind of action,
two squirrels poking their cute faces out of a hole.
We'd stare at each other alot.
They were my friends.
I miss them
; )

I looked for some cute squirrel things this morning.
Lo and behold I learned something surprising.
We are a Squirrel Nation!!!
Etsy has 250 pages of squirrel items!!!
Story books are filled with squirrel illustrations!!!
People paint squirrels!!!
I am feeling squirrely!!!

You're welcome Mr. Squirrel!
So polite!

Are not these adorable
little jewelry boxes???


Nice song.
Makes me love this holiday.

A good one to you, mateys!!
May your Thanksgiving 
be filled with joy and
people you love.
And may 
God be with you all!


  1. I love to watch squirrels, too. I haven't noticed squirrels in our area but when I go to the Pocatello area, they are running all over the place. Cute little critters, for sure!

    1. Oh my Pocatello is squirrel capital of the world!!! THey use to eat my outdoor cushions on my patio furniture, the little whippersnappers!

  2. Lovely!
    My sister used to be obsessed with squirrels. When she was a year away from finishing high school, she told my parents that if she passed the exams and got high scores she wanted a squirrel as her gift :-D
    But my dad told her that he is OK with that, but if the squirrel gets out of his cage/house, it will be her responsibility to run after him and catch him, and that if he ran away to the street and was run over by a car it will be her guilt.
    She then decided that it was not necessary lol

    Happy thanksgiving to you, your family and your loved ones :-)

    1. That is so funny! Your dad sounds very wise and quite the character!
      You have a Happy T day too! ; )


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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