Friday, November 15, 2013

Funny for you….

This one's for Ann, 
lover of fruitcake.


I know!

You will only really appreciate this one if
you have been around cats.
It was used as a description 
for social anxiety.
; )

Why I don't buy Halloween candy.

For Cally MewMew.
Let's work on this.

Such good manners….

For my grammatically freaky friends.

I know a river in Idaho Falls you would like,
dear goosee.

Tee hee….

Yes, fruit is healthy.

When I go fast through a yellow light,
I say 'I'm gonna do a Utah!!!'

All my friends swing on 
ballet bars.

He will have nightmares now.
; (

I just love you, Elf.

Get dizzy….
; )

I know!!!!
What is going on!!!???!!

How long will it take?

Who carries an octopus??

Except for our beloved kitty Carl.
He loved our vacuum.

Can so relate to this….

Keep finding new ones of these
and they make me laugh every time.

'I believe I need to use the sleep now'.
I will saying that tonight and seeing 
if my husband notices.

; )

I wish you to have a
splendid weekend,
my lovely friends!
Love you!


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