Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Love Old Stuff

I have been thrifting ever since I discovered thrift shops
in high school at age 15
(to my mother's dismay).
She was a child of the depression
and couldn't quite understand why I didn't want
'new' clothes.
I have just always loved old stuff!

It was a 
Salvation Army that I discovered,
when I had my learner's permit for driving.

I still have my first thrifted vase.
My dad took me to a thrift store
via 1977  is
Livermore, California.
It was cornflower blue

You thought I made that 
'Thrifting Thursday' up,

Me too!
I guess not, though,
since I found these pics on Google!

This thrift store has been around over 75 years!!!!

Some of my favorite haunts!!
I love….
45th South in SLC!

This Salvation Army looks like the one I use to go to in
Walla Walla, Washington in
high school.

An excellent GW in Pocatello.

IYRTS in IF, Blackfoot and Pocatello.

I have yet to find the one in IF,
but the one is Pocatello is fab.

Treasures to be found!!!!
Aren't these treasures found by other people 
just wonderful????!!!

There are hundreds of blogs dedicated
to thrifting.
Here are a couple of examples of ladies who show
their excellent purchases off.

When I was a kiddo,
I remember someone giving us a bag of 
clothing for some odd reason.
The one and only time.
My dad was a Doc, so
we didn't have need of this sort of thing,
but I was entranced!!!!
There were suits from the 40's,
skirts of all kinds,

The suits were along these lines.

I wanted them.
My mom asked if I would wear them
(I was about 10)
and I said no, that I just wanted them.
She said it was probably not a good idea to 
keep clothes we wouldn't wear.
She was right
(I was TEN!).
I DID keep this though….
a red culotte skirt similar
to the one below,
though not exactly.
It was from the fifties
(this was 1968),
and I wore it all the time.

The bug got to me early.

I cherish/ed old stuff,
especially if it belongs/ed to family members.
My mom was a 'tosser'
(which I have a tendency to do as well at times)
so I snagged a few items over the years,
saving them from the donation pile.
To be honest, 
I wish I had snagged more to keep as historical
momentos of our family.

Rescued items include:
-my dad's medical coat,
-his medical old bag with medical tools from the 50's/60's
-a needlepoint my mom made
-little table clothes she embroidered as a young married
-small leather-bound books that belonged to my grandpa Wood
-a mug in a Humpty Dumpty shape from England that belonged to
my grandpa's second wife, Mable
-a baby blanket that my grandma Verna made for her little boy,
my uncle Ray
-a desk that belonged to my father's parents
which we used for many years in our home growing up,
and didn't know it was theirs until I was married with children!!!

They are especially important to me as I only knew one of my 
grandparents (grandpa Wood),
and he passed away when I was almost 4.
These items give me a connection of some sort.
They are very important to me.

So, my love of old and used items continues.
And, it just happens to be good for the earth to re-use 
and re-do.

Although I know it is Wednesday today,
here's to a 
Thrifting Thursday
But, have a wonderful Wednesday, too, ok?

Just love you, little

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  1. Me too, me too......I love thrift stores. I purchase quite a few items from Deseret Industries and when people ask me where I made my purchases, I proudly state...DI's. I tell them DI's is a high class department store. - Ha!


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