Monday, November 18, 2013

Working on the Orange….

6 months ago I had 3 jobs.
Then 2.
Now 1.
; )

I cannot tell you how terrible this news is,
and yet, 
how wonderful.
I feel like a free bird!!!
It has been over 25 years since I have had just one job.
It is a wonderful feeling.

And so….
now I have time to pursue my dreams.
What are they?
working on the 'Orange'.


What is
"the Orange"
you ask?

Well, it's under construction….

has kewl old stuff
(much of which is hard to let go and is
kinda like tearing 
a bandaid off your arm)…

makes miss debbie-kins as happy as 
a tipsy cowgirl…

involves a child and some rather large oranges….

and to top it all off,
a  sweet girly logo
that just makes
my heart sing.

Wait, you say you've heard this story before?
Remember last summer?

I know, I know.
You know,
life is complicated
And now,
it is 
n  e  c  e  s  s a  r  y!!!

So join me in the joy
of dreams coming true.

I hope you have a 
fabuloso week, 
my little
here's to supporting all of those young 
men growing mustaches 

Love to you all!

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  1. I always believe in dreams, because if you don't have them you can't make them come true. And what is more fun in life than making dreams come true? Good luck! x


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