Friday, August 16, 2013

Vintage Children's Books

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This book was given to my kids
by a friend of mine
in mid 1980's
It was one of their favorites.
My daughter wawa has the original,
and she bought a copy for my other
daughter nene.
Apparently one in good condition is worth about $100.
I had no idea.

So I started to think about my college years
and how I collected children's books.
A book a week, for awhile,
from the BYU Book Store.
During class breaks I'd stop and flip through
their massive collection
(while eating their famous bridge mix,
of course).
So I thought I'd share some of my favorite 
children's book 

Think they had to drug the cat to get it 
to pose like that?????
No way my Miss Cally 
would stand for that!!!!

there are so many more that I love,
but it would take a very long
time to show you all of them!

So here's to a 
Faaaaabulous Friday,
my little 

Love to you all!

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