Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let's Be Happy Just Cuz....


Get out the scarves and

Now, a good laugh.
(beware of the 'a' word...)
Dana Carvey
"Get Yourself a 100 Year Old Man"
Prepare to laugh...

Now we are going to a
"Home Town Buffet"!!!
All you can eat! 
This guy made a video of all that he ate
for lunch
at the restaurant in 
And then what he also had for dinner.
Let's live vicariously....

I especially loved all the deserts.

Now a nappy.
Always a nap after lunch, right?
You cannot believe how many people take
videos of their cats napping
on utube.
It is insane.  
This was the cutest one.

I am feeling all cuddly and happy now.
And you?

Feeling like any of these little munchkins?

Just chillaxin'!!!

Happy Tuesday, 
my little 
Share the joy.
; )

Love to all of you...

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