Sunday, August 18, 2013


I found one.

I have a friend on my flickr account
that lives in Illinois  
and collects lamps.
I have learned alot from him.
I have decided that I am no longer going to
purchase lamps at thrift stores
because they are a pain in the
hiney to ship.

I made that decision last week.
And of course,
I found a valuable lamp
last week!!!
So I had to buy it!!!!!!
I have no self control.
I need to give myself a good talkin' to....
next week.
So, here is the current value.

And here is the lamp.


Unusual faux leather texture  metal shade and base

It's in pretty good shape.

And here are some other SIGHTLIGHT
lamps in a few styles
and colors.

I really like the one above and the 
red one below.
Should I paint my lamp red?
(tee hee....I just heard a collective gasp)

Maybe someone would trade me.  
; )

It moves back and forth with great ease on its long 
brass thingy.

How the heck will I pack that unusually 
shaped lamp?????
Can I find someone in Idaho who 
collects them so I don't have to ship?

 I have added it to my collection of valuable
pieces that I have found.
They sit together,
ready to be sold.

Other valuable items I have found:

Danish Modern 'Modeline' Lamp
(went for $525.00 on Ebay last year)

Deco Moon Pyrex Casserole

Rare Anchor Hocking Glass Burner Cover (1920s)
(in the book it says $1000.00,
but mine doesn't have little flowers on it like
the pic in the book)

(doesn't really look like this, but it is 
the closest I can get right now)

Vintage Orange Pucci  Suit Jacket
(Ebay $150.00)

Eames fiberglass chair color 'Parchment'
(Can go for up to $400.00 depending on condition)

Saarinen Tulip Chair
(up to $300.00)

Bittossi Vase
($299.00 value in NY.  In ID?   
Who knows...)

And the first ever Betty Crocker Cook-off Cookbook
with  linen cover valued at $100.00
(a very ugly cookbook and can't find a pic of it)

and there's a few more.
Ya, I'm getting out of the chair business
Too bulky.

The pickin's are pretty slim in 
rural Idaho.
I feel lucky I have found what I have found!

I think I will sell them all first so I don't break  or damage them
or something.
; )

check out my friend Steve's flickr stream set of lamps.

I have learned so much from him.
and drooooooool at his collection!

have a maaaaaahvelous Monday,
my little munchkins.

And know that I love you
more than you even realize.
; )


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