Saturday, August 10, 2013

Orange Tree Vintage Wares

I have oranges and orange trees on my mind.
And buying vintage items, 
of course.

I can't stop.
I find such wonderful finds at 
wonderful prices and...
I can't stop
snapping them up
for others to enjoy!!!!!
I can't stop.....
like eating chocolates.

And yes!!!!
I am opening a store!!!!

It is taking me awhile getting it up and running
as I am quite particular
about things.
(to my sweet Nene's dismay)
Her mantra to me is:
"Sell, Sell, Sell!!!!"
(methinks she thinks me a hoarder).
Don't worry baby girl.
If I die soon you must have a huge 
yard sale and sell
everything for $1 and
you will be a millionaire.
; )

So, long story short.

I introduce you to my new shop:

Coming soon, and the sooner the better.
; 0

Here is a sample of one of my recent faaaaantastic finds!!!
A warm 
Fallish suit dress.....

It made me so happy to look at it.
Made by the lovely
Leslie Faye.

Of course, too small for me to wear.
; (
But perfect for one who is a size 
7 or 9
(from the 60's/70's)

Of course I would be utilizing these mid century items 
while wearing the purple dress....

(this reminds me of a painting
my sister Pooder would do....)

Bitossi lamp.
I love you.
I want you
in my home.
(Thank You very much,
miss Marianne D.
for my love of purple.)

One of the hold ups is I have been trying to
add a 'Paypal' button to my regular
No success.
I mean success....
but you can only buy one thing.
I won't add much to my retirement fund
with only offering one item for sale
; ).

Miss Nene is setting up another site for me that is
free and has no charges for pics, etc.
Also, I am going to learn how to post
on Instagram.
My friend Lisa will have to show me how.
But she lives 100 miles away so we will have to meet in the middle.
have I built up some anticipation?
I hope so!

And here's to the retirement  fund!!!!

Love to you all,
my future senior citizens....
and those who like me,
are in 
senior citizen-landia


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