Thursday, January 05, 2012

Wanna Do, Again and Again....

Please help me.
I can't stop saying
"Hey, I want to do that!"

I like old things,
I like fabric,
I like fixing things up....
I like, I like, I like.....

Ya, upholstery again.
Why don't I just do it????
; )

These are fun...
using quilts.

Wild and Wackiness!!!!

It is an art, eh?
ok Vickie,
let's set a date and do this!!!!

Oh, dreams do come true.
Some day. ......

Hey, it's fudge friday again!!!
Hope you eat fudge to 
your little hearts content.
Cuz, you deserve it!

Love you more than chocolate.
; )
xoxo d

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