Monday, January 09, 2012

Three Sixty Five

I have taken the '365 Challenge'.
I will be taking a picture every day
for a year.
Quite a commitment, eh?
I am hoping it will hone my photography skills,
and that I will significantly improve.

The other day it was 
orange roses.
Love 'em.

This one is my favorite below.

These are completely unprocessed as
my editing program
has been on the fritz!!!!
; )

There are a few more
that I really love...
but I have to ask permission
to publish them.
They are portraits
of some of my favorite

Dancing the Samba right now.
Please join me.

Happy Happy Monday!
It feels like an 'orange' day
to me!

For Goio, my little orange eater.
; )

Here's to a wonderful 'orange' day
to ya!

Love ya the mostest!
xoxo d

1 comment:

  1. I should take this challenge too! I haven't used my new camera as much as I should. Love the orange roses!


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