Thursday, January 05, 2012

Mr. Lautner, I love you.

Yes, I do.
And this is why......

Here he is visiting one of his homes.

(Taken from this website:  ://
John Lautner was one of last century’s important contemporary American architects. His work was concerned with the relationship of the human being to space and of space to nature. “Shelter,” he said, “is the most basic human need.”
Lautner practiced architecture for more than 55 years, designing unusual and unique residences in and near Los Angeles, including Silvertop, the Chemosphere, the Sheats/Goldstein residence, the Levy residence, and the Elrod residence (Palm Springs, CA), as well as many others around the world. He was also responsible for the innovative design of some restaurants (Henry’s, Googies, Tiny Naylor’s).
Learn more about him by clicking on this link.
Isn't he divine???????

I want to dance and sing 
cuz that's how he makes me feel.
; )
Some day I will video tape myself doing this,
and share with you.
have a
thoroughly modern

Love to you all!
xoxo d

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