Monday, October 17, 2011

Bill Cunningham: Amazing Fellow!

I just watched a documentary about this guy
Bill Cunningham.

Netflix has it.
I really like this gentleman.
He is literally a gentle man,
with a ready smile and laugh.

He once was a milliner.
He sat in church as a 12 year old boy
studying the hats of women who sat in front of him.

(yes, she is holding a duck hat that Bill made)

And then he became a photographer.
He has lived in the Carnegie Hall
artist's lofts, along with many other actors, artists, etc.,
 most of his life.

He lives simply.
A bed, and a bazillion of 
file cabinets that hold pictures and
He still uses real film.
He wears the smock of 
Paris street sweepers.
He rides a bike where ever he goes.
He is not impressed with fame,
just fashion. ; )

He calls that file cabinet his 'closet'.

He works for the New York Times.

I think he is an incredible, modest man.
And I love his laugh. ; )
Here is a promotional bit for the documentary.

I recommend the film if you like this kind of thing.
I found it very uplifting. 
I admire the simplicity of his life,
his modesty, and
his love for everybody.
I just want to be his friend!

I think he's great!

I think you're great too!
Me and Toni the Tiger.  ; )

Hope your Tuesday is
top notch!

Sending lots of lovin' vibes your way....
xoxoxo d

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