Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doris Day and Nellie McKay

I make no bones about the fact
that I am a die hard fan of Doris Day.
Her 1962 record album with Andre Previn is
my all time favorite.
All time....

Youngster Nellie Mckay (pronounced Mki with long i)
shares my love of all things Doris.
And, I have always admired Nellie!
Small world, eh?

Check out her version of Doris  songs.
A couple of videos make you click on it to go to
Do it.
You'll love it.  ; )

So this is her usual style.
I have put her doggy song on here a couple of times.

She's just fun, eh?

Oh it's Wednesday!!!!
Vonderbal, vonderbal!!!

Here's to a lip smackin'

Love to you all...
xoxoxo d

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