Sunday, October 16, 2011

I "Heart" Amanda Smith

I give you Amanda.....

Did you know that if you click on the picture,
it will make it bigger?
I suggest you try it,
cuz these pieces of art are

and my favorite....
(yes, that IS the Oakland LDS Temple!)

Amanda says......

"My work involves fables drawn from both personal experience and observation. Through metaphor, these narratives explore questions of social hierarchies, human interactions and humans’ moral agency. The little girls that inhabit these pieces are the product of my experience growing up in a hyper-feminine household with my mother and three sisters.
My penchant for flat painting as well as the stylization of elements in my work comes from my love of historic religious narrative painting the world over, most notably Persian, Mughal and Rajasthani Indian manuscript and miniature paintings.
Painting with ceramic mediums has allowed me to make archival, singular, handmade art objects.  This has become increasingly important to me as everything from communication to clothing in contemporary culture is becoming ephemeral, mass-produced and/or disposable. Additionally, ceramics offers a unique palette of surfaces and textures. I am really interested in employing traditional decorative techniques like decaling, sprigging, lustering, lace-draping and china painting.  I love how these techniques offer my work a classically ceramic, candy-coated aesthetic."

I wrote her an e-mail and asked if she made prints of her works.
Amanda was delightful.
She said she would be opening an Etsy shop soon,
and that if I wanted to buy one of her pieces,
it was 2-3 thousand dollars.

Chris Thile and Michael Daves 
play and sing
"My Little Girl in Tennessee"

Remember when Chris was
a little man in Nickle Creek?
What a talent!!!!

Have a maaaaahvelous 
Monday, will ya?  ; )

Lots of love to my
friends and family and newbies
to my rantings.

xoxoxo d

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