Monday, October 03, 2016

Idaho, I Love You

Ernest was an Idaho boy.

He loved our state and 
lived here for most of his adult life.

Best of all he loved the fall.......

        Best of all he loved the fall
The leaves yellow on the cottonwoods
Leaves floating on the trout streams
And above the hills
The high blue windless skies
Now he will be a part of them forever.

Ernest Hemingway
July 21, 1899 - July 2, 1961

Picture of our crab apple tree in Fall.
Yup.  I want to swim in those colors!!!

Buckskin Road in Pocatello a few Falls ago.

I have stopped taking pictures the past few years.
I am self-taught and felt like I couldn't make any more progress
regarding my picture taking skills, so I got discouraged.
I have made a vow to just try again, 
and to stop being so picky.
I can tell you everything wrong with that picture...
yet it makes me happy.
And so....I am going to try to take pictures
to just make me happy.
; )

Idaho Song...
Let's dance!!

We had our usual August fired last summer.
Always makes such beautiful skies.
Out our back window...

Other summer events.
Bad and good.

Burnt mac-n-cheese in Nana's microwave.
Senior moment.
Forgot to put the water in.
: (
My microwave smelled like burnt cheese 
for about a month.

But, I found this wonderful picture of my 
Grandma Lubeck
when she graduated from Nevada State University
in the 19-teens.
She looks so much like my niece Laurie in this pic,
which I never saw in other pics of her.
Grandma got a BA in teaching.
My dad told me once that she was a
Her sister Bess graduated at the same time.

My grandma. 

Her sister Bessie.

I found these on Family Search.
Wish I knew where they were from,
so I could get a better copy.

Well, the sun is setting
(I actually can't see it as it has been raining cats and dogs)
so I should probably end these rantings.

Sending love and joy your way.
Hoping all is well.

Some encouraging words 
for those who find life difficult.

Wise words.
Let's endure!!!

Love ya!!



  1. I enjoyed your photos...tyvm....Tim.

  2. Never stop taking pictures. You can find something good in every picture. You pictures are beautiful.


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