Sunday, October 16, 2016


I have always loved a fire in the home.
We have had many different kinds of fire vessels over the years.
A Franklin,
a modern wood burner,
a fireplace or two, 
an antique pot bellied stove,
a Jodel.
Unfortunately my asthma has curtailed my love
of wood heat.
So, we have gone propane.
Our stove looks kind of like a combination of these 
white stoves.
It has a burner on top if I want to cook something 
on it.

I love my stove.
of course I love old stoves.
I am a lover of old things.
There is a style and craftsmanship
that has faded with time.
Although, I just found out one can buy these new lovely stoves below.
Aren't they wonderful?

So here's a smattering of beautiful antique stoves.
I often ask my self, 
how did we get to where we are today?
Such charming beauties!

While I'm on the subject of stoves,
here are some pictures of my most favorite kinds of stoves.
I think it is fascinating!!!
; )
The nordic stove.
Carl Larsson has included many of the stoves he had in his home
in the paintings of his home and family.
He is a Swedish artist.
One of my most favorite artists.
Check out these lovely stoves.

; )

Close-up of the beautiful tile on one of them.


I would love to see some of these in person.
Aren't they just gorgeous???

Here's a cozy fire to let you feel all
warm and fuzzy inside.

Well, now I'm in this cozy mood,
so here's a cozy song to go with the fire.

Love you Norah.
And Bonnie.

Here's to a wondrous, cozy Autumnal week
for you all.

Sending love
and positive thoughts your way!!!



  1. Where did you find that song? That was awesome! I remember it from one of our old Holly Cole albums. very cool!

    1. One of my favorites, cutie! The Willie Nelson version is awesome too!


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