Monday, April 18, 2016

Just Things I Luv

Yes, random things I have come across
that I just love.


Talented lady...

Gooooorgeous quilt.

Dresses made from vintage sheets.
Imagine how SOFT they are!!!

Such a kewl chair.

Denmark, land of my heritage.



Antique buttons.
; )

Such lovely swim suits.

This cute little tyke with a chicken.

Vintage refrigerator dishes.

Just plain awesome-ness.

I'm feeling pretty happy right now.

Oh, and I forgot.
This kid-let bathing her toys.

Makes me grin real big.

Hope it made YOU grin too.

Sweet love song.
You belong to me,
I belong to you.
; )

Sending love, joy, happiness
positive thoughts your way!


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