Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bella's Secret Garden

I discovered a wonderful place a while back.
It is on Facebook.
I'm gonna share some of my favorite things
about this place.
Check it out!




Pretty entry ways...
(I went to Carmel, CA a few years ago
and took mainly pictures of cottage entryways)

Pink and purple...

Climbing roses over entry ways
(I have started this a few times, but moved before
I could see the end result!)

Waves of solid purple among other colors
(again, started this at my last home, and will not see the end result)

Climbing roses and clematis
(got the two kinds of clematis, but don't know if I can do a climbing rose here cuz its awful cold, but gonna find out)


Beautiful colors in old tins...


Oh my look at this beautiful little cottage,
cottage of my dreams!!!!

I'd add a few elements from this cottage as well, to the one above.

Wasn't that fun?
I love this FB page,
especially cuz sometimes it posts to my main page
and I get to enjoy unseasonal flowers!

This picture below came from the site as well,
but there is something fishy about it.
I lived in a cabin above my current town for many years,
and had a window exactly like that 
(sans the curtain)
and there was a red geranium in a blue pot at the window.
I took a picture of it in the 1980's, which I hope to resurrect to compare.
This may be the same window, who knows?
Looked almost exactly the same.
Even the mountains outside the window look similar!

Let's sit and have some tea,
and tea cakes of course.

And a 
to you my 
little cutie pies.

Sending love and sunshine your way!


  1. I'll build you a cottage like that dream in my back yard one day and we can create magical gardens and underground greenhouses for citrus trees -Tara

  2. The home you live in now can be the perfect little cottage. It has an arched trellis, sets back off the road, is surrounded by bushes, flowers, etc. All it needs now is a little Deb-a-do-it, added on! Perfect.

    1. That's what I'm shooting for! We'll see if it works out! ; )

  3. Thanks for the Bella's Garden Deb! Amazing!!!! Love ya

    1. Hey cutie! THanks for stopping by! I know...I want a Bella's Garden!!! xoxoox

    2. BTW who is that goofy guy in your picture??? So silly!!!


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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