Friday, January 15, 2016

Feed Sack

These women from the 1940's are discussing dress styles.
Those are clothe sacks of feed behind them.
These sacks of feed and other items
provided material to clothe their family!
I just discovered this.
What a wonderful and frugal thing to do!!!

Waste not, want not....
love it!

Love this yellow fabric.

Such cute fabrics too!

Here are some examples of the fabrics that I found
for sale on Etsy.

oooohhhh....I want to make a quilt out of these!!!

One of my favorites.

Look at this cute little family....

Why did this stop?
It was such a wonderful idea!

My favorite pic of a girl in a feed sack dress.

An all time fave song of mine.

Did you see the TV special about this story?
It is worth looking up.
Really sweet story,
and done very well.
I watched it on 

The little girl who played her was perfect for the part!

Well here's to a faaaaaaaaantastic
my sweet little
fried pickles.
; )

May your weekend be filled with may blessings!
Love to you all,

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  1. Oh, loved this blog. I had no idea about using feed sacks for dresses. Genius! I did watch "Coat of Many Colors"....good movie.


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