Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October Musings

I am a fan of this show.
Adam and Blake make me laugh.
And it is so fun to watch how these artists grow.
I watched this performance last night and
she sang one of my favorite songs
like a master!
Love this version!
CHeck it out!!!!

I will buy her first album when she makes it!!!

So, it's that time of year when I look for cute costumes
for Miss Cally Lily Mew Mew....which I never buy or create cuz 
she's on to me and runs away.
; )


And my favorite....

I am especially fond of the home made crocheted
They are just adorable.
Of course,
I am a crochet challenged individual having been trained
by the crochet master (my mother).
I have a disability when it comes to crafting.
It has been a great source of unhappiness in my life.
I am very sad that I will never be able to make
one of these adorable outfits
to wear this summer
(said the woman 50 lbs over weight).

; (

There's frost on the pumpkins here in my beautiful Idaho.
The temperature has fallen and my geraniums 
look very ill this morning.
I saved 4 this year to live in our house 
for the winter. 

Break out the hot chocolate and marshmallows!
Have a wonderful Wednesday,
mon petite 'citrouille'.
(French for 'punkin')
Sending love your way...


  1. Oh, me too....I love The Voice. I so enjoy watching the talents of others! And, just want you to know that I am excited that you are back in the blog world. Love your blogs!

  2. Thank you Marsha! I'm glad I'm back too. We need to talk about The Voice and who you are rooting for to win! ; ) xoxo


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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