Thursday, September 04, 2014

Chill in the Air

I can always tell when Autumn is on it's way.
My cat cuddles more.
The minute we get a frost she's all
'Hey girl, I'm just gonna curl into you for the day, ok?'
This is fine with me, but I do have things to do.
She gets all impatient with me when I get up and do the
dishes, or tidy up the house, etc.
Sometimes it's raining meows
all morning long.

Maybe.  It does seem rather cruel,
but I appreciate the frustration they feel,
and why they came up with this.
; )

This would match my husband's winter hat, although his has fur on it
not just under it.

This gentleman looks rather intelligent.
Needs a pipe or something.
Not girlie enough for Miss Cally.

I'd have to buy her bongos to go with this one,
and we could recite poetry together.

I rather like this one, although she would complain that I was 
dressing her like a grandma, something
she will never be.

This one is a little immodest for my taste.
Would show her figure a bit too much.

Um, she would never settle for this,
even though it is adorable.
I am at my wit's end.
It's like she is a teenager or something.

I'm ready to threaten her with a turtleneck,
even though it would make her look homeless.

Girlie enough for ya?
Ohmygosh, she says it is too sweet.

That's it.

It must be this one.
I can't knit like that,
I only know one stitch.
So….I will modify.
I will share when it is done.

She waits with baited breath……
(look at that expression as she says under
her breath
You're so dramatic.')

Here's to chilly Fall mornings,
trees tinged with gold,
and warm,
; )

Love to you all,
my little cuddle bugs!!!


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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