Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again!

It's been a looooong,

I have never taken this long of a break
from my blog before!!!

Been involved in selling stuff on E-bay,
Yard Sale,
grand kiddos time,
and all kinds of other stuff.
But it's time to get back to business!

You can see some of the items I have sold

let's get in an orange mood!

I sold a lamp very similar to this one....
I already regret it.

I could thrive in this environment.

I would die if I could find an orange phone!!!

Or an orange amp.

I do have a crush on orange.

I'd so wear this....

Aren't these adorable????
They came with sour cream in them
during the 60's,
and one could collect the bowls.

Love this...
want it. 

Well, that's MY orange fix for the day.
Think I'll go get some orange juice.
; )

enjoy this lovely melody.

And try to not think of oranges.


Love to you all,
my little orange


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