Thursday, April 24, 2014

In the Land of Sweet Pea

I went to San Diego to visit my sister Judy.
We call her Sweet Pea.
She has created an incredible sanctuary
all by her self!!!!
This backyard use to be only grass!

She grows these plants called 
The colors are just breathtaking.
I did not saturate any of these fotos.
They are just naturally electrified!!

And this is a sweet little
Strawberry Flower. 
It feels like straw,
and is just so beautiful!

While I was there,
I happened to take some pictures of pics
in her photo albums.

What a darling girlie she was,
and is.

These next two are my favorites.

Friend, Judy, Indian Steve my brother, gomer guy with cap gun my brother Michael,
then little brown haired girl, and sister Kathleen.
Love this pic.

My brother Steve took the one below when he was in High School.
I love it.
I need to send it to my daughters to touch it up cuz
I got too much reflection in it from my camera.

Lovely Judy in her senior picture.

I've been to 

I am blessed to have such exceptional sisters (3)
who are my best friends.
Lucky me.
; )

Here's to a wonderful weekend,
you little sweetie pies.

Great song!!!
Sing along!!

Sending lots of joy love your way....

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