Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vintage Tablecloths

Ogle, ogle!!
So pretty!
(Ogle: to look at (something) in a way that 
suggests strong interest or desire)
; )
Yes, I want!

I'm in an old fashioned mood.
Sing it Dolly!

Look at these little lovelies....

Some people make cool stuff out of them.....

Loooove the cherries!

And the souvenir cloths!

Nice collections.

I've been scouring ebay and Etsy
to find some cheap ones to make curtains
for my trailer.
Gotta get it ready for my maiden
voyage this summer!

Here's to a wonderful weekend for you all.
May there be sunshine and warmth 
as March blows in this weekend!
Love you, my little

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