Saturday, February 22, 2014

Almost ....50 Year Celebration of the Sound of Music!!

Went to the 
Sing-A-Along-A Sound of Music
last night.
I haven't stopped singing since!


It was faaaantastic to see it on the big screen!
What a beautiful movie,
with wonderful costumes and scenery!!!
50 years ago it premiered!

Julie with her oscar.

This is a familiar picture.
We had the album
and the piano music
to sing with.


So I saw it when I was a tyke.
I remember having a strange sensation
in my throat and doing this odd
humming, guttural sound to get rid of it.
Apparently it was pretty loud cuz
I was getting dirty looks from other audience members.
I was sitting next to my sister Nancy,
and she kept telling me to 'quit it'.
Poor Nancy.
It was only the beginning of my being
the irritating little sister.

I found some pictures of the costumes,
and some mock-up pictures
of them.

Tee hee.
Remember when they all fell out of the boat?




This is a little strange photograph of
Christopher Plummer,
but I was drawn to it
cuz I guess I am a little
odd my self!

The Trailer....

So, every time there was a song,
the words appeared on the screen and we sung along.
To add more spice to the experience,
we were told to boo when the Nazi's appeared,
hiss when the countess appeared,
bark the young man's name,
say 'awwww' when Gretel did something sweet,
It was a hoot.

Sing Along!!!

Why did I cry when the Captain sang this to his children????
I knew it was coming....
I cried.
I think it is complicate.

We all went
when they kissed.
; )
It was such a relief.  
We had been waiting through the 
whole movie for it to happen!!!

This video is not very professional,
but it is one of my favorite songs to sing with.

Wanna go to Austria-land.

While I dream of 
snow topped mountains,
streams of chrystal waters,
rolling green hills...

I hope you have a
delightful and restful Saturday!!
Sending all my love your way,
my little
streusel munchers.
; )


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  1. This has to be one of my all-time favorite movies. I think I have all the lines memorized. Not only do I watch it on television every year but I went and bought the VHS and then the DVD...........


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