Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Women of the West

I have a favorite book.

I read many things,
but my favorite are
old journals of
women who forged west.
There are 
mountain women,
polygamist wives,
property owners,
women's rights activists,
cattle rancher

I tell ya,
these women are amazing.

Love this one...

and this one...

I couldn't find my most favorite
photograph to show you.
My "Women of the West" book is at our other house.
I'll take a picture of it soon.
The one I want to show you is a picture of a women standing outside
of her home that is dug out of a hill.
Obviously a humble home
with dirt walls.
She has placed geraniums in a window box
and is standing in front of them.
I love how she has
made her home
more beautiful.
They are like her only vestige
of hope
for a cheerful
and orderly home life.
I admire her strength and faith.

It may not be exactly the same,
(I don't know anyone living in a mud hut),
but there are women that I know
who live the life of the hard working women
On ranches.
round up cattle on horse back,
manage ranches,
brand cattle,
feed animals,
milk cows, 
sheer sheep,
move pipe,
help birth baby calves, goats,  etc.
and they live amazing lives.
Oh how I admire them!

Hats off to these ladies!

More fotos.

Love the set up of this photo.
; )

Love how the one gal is smiling!
Rarely see that in these
old daguerreotypes.

Love this one from the 30's.
They all look pretty happy!

So here's to all of our wonderful 
'Women of the West'.
We should make a holiday for them!

Giddy-up little 
and have a wonderful day!
Love to you all!

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