Thursday, June 06, 2013

Nordic Thoughts

I might have mentioned this before,
but my favorite-est
blog of all time is

'Nordic Thoughts'

The lovely lady who creates this blog
is incredibly connected to
art, photography, 
and poetry.
Today she had some pictures that touched my heart

I won't name the artists.
Just click on her link above and you can enjoy 
more of what I am showing today,
and you can see the artists.

Today she is showing
'Scandinavian fences and gates',
and so am I!

I love you, Carl Larson....

I love you cute little blondies
and sweet mama.

I want to talk to my sisters
while standing by a fence.
; )

I love you cute little book.

This reminds me of my kids.
I love you kids playing on a gate!

I love you little papa 
with his child on his back.

How delightful to chat with 
the neighbors in the morning.

Blowing dandelions. 

Kinda want to be this girlie.

This child is beautiful.

They just make me so happy!
I want to go stand by a gate or a fence in a beautiful
dress during early morning,
or watch kids play on a gate.
I can just hear the birds sing and
smell the fresh morning air.

Better yet,
you can join me!

Thank you for visiting me in my almost
daily happy place. 
I love finding wonderful
things to celebrate our
I hope it helps you
feel the joy,

Love to you all,
my little 




  1. I have a weird thing for Scandanavia in general! No idea why!
    These pix are terribly sweet!!! XXX

  2. this blog has been removed, Do you know where I can find it again?

  3. I don't!!! It was deleted a few weeks ago and I have been trying to find where it was moved as well! If you find it before me, let me know! So sad!
    ; )

  4. Yes please include me as well! I was so sad to see it disappear, it was one of my favorite things to read each day!

  5. I found it, in the account of this blog, blogger explains the reasons why it's closed.It's a pity. :(

  6. I found it, in her account, she explains the reasons, It's a pity

  7. I can't seem to access her account, can you please let me know what happened.


    1. She closed her blog, She said " and it is time for me to move on; I have too much to do"

  8. I too loved this blog w all my heart and wept at its complete and sudden disappearance.


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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