Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Nut Tree

I want to turn back the clock and 
visit the
Nut Tree 
in Vacaville, California.
My family would drive 2 hours to have breakfast there.


A postcard of the beginnings of
the restaurant...

We got so excited when we saw these 
signs off of the highway!!!

Love looking at this picture
of the shop.

Aargh!  We sat in iconic
Eames chairs!!!!
I had no idea.

In yellow too!!!

I had many a maple sugar square in the shape of
an American Indian in one 
of these bags.

The airport....
they flew their pineapple in from 
Hawaii, so I was told.

Awww...I could find no pictures of the huge
glass enclosure with exotic birds in it!
Loved those birds...

The menus.

I wish I had this wonderful cook book.

You could order hot chocolate and it would come in
a little pot sort of like this...
but I think the tops and
handle were metal.

mmmmmm...I always ordered
scrambled eggs and cheese and
pineapple with marshmallow sauce.

The following are actual pictures of some 

Pineapple with marshmallow sauce!!!
I would put some of the marshmallow
sauce in my hot chocolate.

When you stood in line to get your table,
there was always some awesome art show displayed on the
walls in the waiting area.
They would take one or two pieces from the shows
and make posters out
of them.
I had this one by Kipp stewart on my wall
in college.
Wish I still had it.

Here are some more....

Oh ya!
I remember the car shows!!!

I guess this is a homage to 
the old Nut Tree,
in the new and revised 
Nut Tree Mall.
Kinda lame.
It was so much more spectacular.....

So, once the line at the Nut Tree 
was too long,
so we went to the 
Coffee Tree, 
which was on the right side of the highway
across from the NT and owned by the same people.
They had some of the same foods,
but it was more like just a coffee shop.

They had posters too.


                                                   COFFEE TREE CLOSES

"Members of the Fairchild family and a representative of the Power family notified the Vacaville Reporter that the last vestige of the well known Nut Tree will close in November.  The popular Coffee Tree restaurant has been an icon along I-80 for many decades.  The family advised the Reporter that it was forced to close the restaurant due to the deteriorating condition of the facility and the high cost of renovation.. On November 5th, the Coffee Tree Restaurant served it's last meal.  Ed Power reported that on November 6th they held a celebration for the "regular customers" and employees.  It was a sad and emotional event for all those who had experienced the years of service that the restaurant had performed.  No word on the future of the building or site has been received".

This breaks my heart!!!!!!
What ever happened to saving
incredibly important 

So, I am really hungry right now.
And, I am missing my parents and
brothers and sisters a lot
all of the sudden.
; (

And I wish I was 8, 
sitting in the back of
our white 
WildCat Buick

waiting to see the 
Nut Tree sign,
and knowing
we were going to have 
a splendid
time at our 
favorite place to eat
of all time 
cuz I was having hot chocolate 
any minute.

Now more sad news....


"During the first week of October the wrecking ball began the depressing job of demolishing the old Nut Tree Restaurant complex.  Many artifacts were given to the Vacaville Museum over the past few years.  The heritage of the Nut Tree and the impact that the business had on the community is adequately recorded archived.  There are many fine restaurants and very nice shopping in the area.   Much more than was present when the Nut Tree was last open.  This web site will chronicle the development of the grounds.  Tune in regularly.  Ed"

(Found these updates about the Coffee Tree and the Nut Tree on the Nut Tree Airport web site,
which they are trying to save.)


So sad.

But the good news is,
it's FRIDAY!!!!
And, I can still remember
; )

 I am sending lots and lots
of love your way.

Enjoy the time off,
 I am also sending lots
of positive vibes your way!!
You are the best!



  1. WOW! Tragic they no longer exist. You have an abundance of good imagery here!

  2. This is a wonderful page. I remember stopping at the Nut Tree while visiting my grand parents in the bay area. It was a happening!

  3. Great memories! Thank you so much. Our family would drive 2 hours too. What magical place.


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