Monday, March 25, 2013


I am Dansk-ing.

Found a Dansk Paella Pan!!!


Has four ducks on the bottom!!!

I have two more pieces of vintage Dansk....

Found at Good Will in Pocatello.

Found on E-Bay for thrift store price.

I would love to score a lime green one....
but they are just too rare.
I am a lime green lover.
; )

So here is a vintage ad.

To my surprise,
this line of enamel ware was re-introduced
into their home goods line
in 2012!!!

 They are currently at crateandbarrel.

A little about them:

Jens Quisgaard's Kobenstyle line of enameled steel cookware for Dansk had it's start in late 1955 as seen in Neiman-Marcus ads from December 1955. 

Kobenstyle was initially produced in Denmark and was available in four colors in the first year: Turquoise, Yellow, Red and "Lime Green".

1955-1959 Dansk Kobenstyle logo on 1st year Lime Green pan

The lime green color is very quickly dropped from the line and for the next 10 years the line is fairly stable, being produced in the three remaining colors turquoise, red and yellow 

                                           1959-1965 Dansk "4 Ducks" logo

The next significant changes come in late 1965 (as noted on page 169 of the December 4, 1965 issue of the New Yorker). It is at this point that the first new designs in a decade are introduced in the Kobenstyle line, the pans are altered and now have teak handles, the colors are changed and production moves from Denmark to France. "

1965-1976 Dansk Designs France logo

Orange came into play in the 70's (of course!)
Brown, black and white were the last colors they made.
The pans were discontinued early 80's.

The 4 duck insignia from Denmark are the most valuable pieces.

I just think they are so wonderful.

I will not be using mine to cook with.
; )

But I will be dancing in the forest with joy.

Think I'll go put some braids in my hair and
wrap them around my head.

Love to you all,
my sweeties!!!

Here's to a maaaaaahvelous Monday!




  1. Green! New at MOMA!

    1. Oh my they are gooooooooorgeous!!!!! Thanks for the tip Jessica! xo


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