Sunday, February 10, 2013


I have been knitting again.
I know one stitch.
I learned this from my Primary teacher
in our Moraga/Orinda ward.

Ya, this squirrel is doing the same stitch.

I knit one thing.
Long, winter scarves.

So I decided to shake it up and
start adding colors
to make stripes.

Tagen graciousleeeeeee
took my first project.
It looks rather home spun and I wish
I had taken a picture of it for posterity.

Meanwhile, adding colors
is making me happy. 
Look at all the things I could do!

A carousel world of color.
I am even making something for
my grand kids.

I'll take pictures.

Meanwhile enjoy this lovely song about
what a colorful world we live in.

Hope this brightened up your Monday,
cuz that's what I live to do.

Sending love your way!

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