Thursday, February 07, 2013

Cat People

Yes I am.
A cat lady.
We should have a club or something.

And here are some other human beings
who are
cat people.

Ernest Hemmingway

Ann Margaret

Stan Laurel

John Lennon

James Dean

Sophia Loren

Mark Twain

Marlon Brando

Vivien Leigh

Pretty lady whose name I don't know.

Yes they do.....

And not sure what this is about but I find
it rather amusing they all
have their cats
on leashes.

Not gonna happen with
Miss Cally Mew Mew.
She would have none of that.

How can one resist these little


And now this.
; )

Such cutie pie friends.

I must dance.,
I am so happy.

All of the previous dancing pictures were 
taken from 
this fantastic book.

Have a fantabulous Friday,
my furry lovin' friends.

Sending love your way!!!

(Bjork dancing with her cat)

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Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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