Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Fantasticks!

My honey and I use to do some fun things
back in the day.

I think it was our fourth date
that we went to see
'The Fantasticks'
at the Osmond Studio
in Orem, Utah.

I had seen the stage play before
as a child.
My parents took me to see it
at Ghirardelli Square
in the Mustard Room
in San Fransisco.
(siblings, please correct me if I am wrong.
This is how I remember it, but I was
just a child, afterall)

It is now in it's 50th year!!!!

Longest running musical!

We had the sheet music bound with that
wonderful purple cover.
My sister Nancy and I would sit
at the piano and 
sing the songs.
I had my favorites.
; )

We had this one too.
Ed Eames.

I found a few interesting pictures about it's history.

Original costume sketch for Bellomy

Original cast
Jerry Orbach, Rita Gardner, Kenneth Nelson
(hey, Jerry Orbach was that
"Law and Order" guy!)

From left: Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt.

First place it played in New York.

Sketch of Rita Gardner
for pre-staging

Cast of Hallmark Hall of Fame TV Production (NBC, 1964)

From left to right: Bert Lahr, Ricardo Montalban, 

Sarah Watson, Stanley Holloway, 
and John Davidson.

John Davidson, who starred as 
Matt in the 1964 HallMark Hall of Fame version of 
The Fantasticks, will join the cast of the 
Off-Broadway production of 
The Fantasticks for a limited engagement 
in the role of Henry, The Old Actor.
(please stop staring at me 
Mr. Davidson.  It is making me

Kick back and enjoy!!!

Try to Remember...

They were you....

Soon it's gonna rain...

Plant a Garden...

I can see it...

Never say no......

Much more...


What a great musical.
How blessed I was to have parents 
who taught me to appreciate such things.

It's Wednesday!
Let's celebrate!
On count of 3....
One, two, three...


(these guys from the show
'Psych' just crack me up)

Love to all you
out there!


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