Thursday, January 24, 2013

Miss Calla Lily Mew Mew

Is it wrong that I think my kitty
is the cutest calico kitty 
of all time? 
She is just so much better looking than your
average cat.
; )

Here are some calicos.....

They are pretty dang cute.

 here's my adorable kitty-kins...

She is always by my side when I 
have some kind of ribbon

She is my supervisor when I garden

She is always involved in my hobbies.
(when yarn is involved)

And she loves to drink the water out of
my vases when there
are cut flowers in them
Yes, she has tipped them over.

Oh my little Cally Mew Mew.

Thank you for being my friend.

I have had this video on here before,
and it just cracks me up
so I am sharing it again.
while I go clean up some 
kitty barf.
; )

I love you, I do.
Have a wonderful Friday!!!


Tee hee....

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