Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Penelope, Grandbaby Perfection ; )

I just am overwhelmed 
with the cuteness of
my oldest grand daughter.
Been watching little video clips
of my grand kiddos
from this past year or two
and just had to share
the adorableness.
; )

Wee little Pen
playing the
'sniff' game.

Learning to wave
and say 

Learning to play
with friends.

Learning to play ball
with Daddy.
(one year old)

Almost two, 
missing her 
Tia NeNe
(aunt Tagen)
who had just visited
them in AZ,
and had gone home.
I believe she is saying
"I wanna see her".

I use to listen to this song alot
right after she was born,
so it reminds me of her.

I just love my Pen.

Have a groovy
Thrift day,
my dearies.

Sending sweet
little baby kisses
your way!
xoxo d

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