Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jacques Loussier: Classical Jazz

He takes classical pieces and 
interpets them
into jazz pieces.

He and his trio

Wikipedia states:
"Jacques Loussier (born 26 October 1934, Angers) is a French pianist and composer. He is well-known for his jazz interpretations in trio formation of many of Johann Sebastian Bach's works, such as the Goldberg Variations.

He's been around a long time.  For more info, check out this.

My favorite...

I'm such a 
'jazz head' 

I think I'll try to clog to one
of them and
see how it turns out.
; )

I've made a few changes lately,
turned our sun room into
a guest room.
Two futons.

                                                         A very light and cheery room.

Great summer sleeping...
come on over
this summer!

Love you 
oodles and oodles,
my little noodles
and poodles.
; )

Have an exceptional day!!

xoxoxo d

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