Monday, January 16, 2012

MId-Century Modernism

luv, luv
such beauty.
; )

Ya, I could really use that orange fridge.
It would look really sweet
next to my turquoise  fridge.
; )

All this eye candy makes me 
want to dance
a modern dance.
I will spare you.

Instead, lets listen to Anita O'day
at a 1958 Newport Jazz Festival.
I am intrigued by this clip!
Love looking at the audience.

Good year, 1958,
year I was born.
; )

Hey! Taco Tuesday!
Think I'll have a taco AND
a burrito.
You too, k?

It's a lovely day in the neighborhood,
little chitlins.
And I love you  dearly.

xoxo d

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