Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm Trying!!!!

This 365 (actually 366 cuz of leap year),
taking a picture a day
experience takes
some discipline!
; )
It is good cuz it makes me think
about what would make
a good picture,
or if I should
take a picture,
just makes me think
more about it.
So here are some of my thrifty finds,
and some of my still life studies.

And on my way to

I got the Privos at DI,
brand new,
What a lucky day.

I must walk.
No one can stop me....

Wednesday already?
These days are flyin' by!
Let's go Wednesday window shopping, k?
Some warm and sunny place,
like San Diego!!!
Hold on Judy,
here we come!
; )

Lots of love and hugs for 
you all!
xoxo d

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