Monday, January 02, 2012

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,

I search and search to pick just the right one.
Then I write in you almost every day.
At least I have tried to.
Ya, since the 4th grade or so.

At least, that's what I USE to do,
until two years ago.
For some odd reason
I just stopped.

So I picked out my little friend the
other day,
and I vow to write every day.

That's my current journal lying on top of my old one.
I feel kinda bad for my old one.
It was really kewl.

That's my 2007 journal up there 
in the header.
It was the perfect journal.
Wish I could find one just like it again.

I will be better.
I will. I will. I will.
; )

The group Bread singing 'Diary'.
Blast from the past.
I really liked this song
when a teen.

Hope you all got the day off today.
Let's celebrate New Year's Day again!
Whose house shall we go to?

Lotsa love to you
my little chickadees.
And don't take any wooden nickles, k?

xoxox dd

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