Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Cathrineholm and Happiness

As I have mentioned before,
I just like to look at things
that make me happy.
Dishes, furniture, art,

So, here's some stuff that makes me happy, and I hope
makes you happy too.

Cathrineholm Lotusware

The coffee pot is now worth
about $200.00.
Which means I will probably never find it
at our thrifts.
; (

I found this one at DI in IF
for $1.00.
It is now on Etsy for $135.00.
: )

This is going for $310.00
on Etsy. 
 : (

: (

This kewl fridge...

: (

I am happy to look at them,
but the dream of owning them
is dashed.
Unless I find them.
So, ; ) just looking at them.

Playing Candy Land with Goio on
i-chat yesterday.
And watching Tara change and dress 
Daphne in the background.
: )

Then singing with Penelope
which I didn't get a
video snap shot of because
she moved away from the computer.

Oh happy happy happiness.

And then...
there is this CD that my sister 
Judy and her hubby Tom
made for me....
filled with happy happy Bing Crosby songs.
Every time I get in the Bluebird (my car)
and turn on the CD player
I am singing and laughing and
filled with joy.
Thank you Judy and Tom!

Let me share a Sunshine Cake with ya'll!

Now, doesn't that just feel good inside?

Here's wishing you have
a sunshiney day and
get to taste some of that sunshine cake!

Love you ,
little cake eaters. 
; )

xoxo d


  1. I adore that lotus ware...I am going to be on the hunt for it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes I do, miss Farmhousel And thank you for that! Carrie, good luck to you! It is so exciting when we find it! ; )


Love to hear from you, little cutie-kins!

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