Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Otto and Gertrude Natzler

So last night I did a little search on ebay
for "Mid-Century Furniture"
(which I do alot just to give myself
happy vibes...)

And found this

I was taken back by the rich colors of the tiles.
"Certainly they must have saturated these pictures"
I thought.

So I did a little search on the maker.
Gertrude and Otto Natzler.

They are not saturated.
They are just ...
beautiful hand made tiles
with individualized glazes.

She threw the clay.
He created the glazes.

Some of their works.


Here is Otto and Gertrude....

A little bio about them.

They make me want to sing and dance.
Let's take five,
and dance,

My day just started grrrreat!
I hope yours did too!

Love you love you love you!!
xoxo d

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