Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Jens Quistgaard Dansk Kobenstyle

(all pictures today can be found on Etsy 'search' for
Dansk Enamelware)   ; )

Found this at our local Goodwill the other day.

I jumped for joy and stated,
"What???????  In Pocatello????"
Grabbed it, looked around, and
dashed to the checkout stand before anyone could say
"Hey...that is marked wrong.  It is NOT

the website  thekitchen  states:

The Company
Although its name might suggest otherwise, Dansk International Designs Ltd. is and always has been an American company. It was founded in 1954 by American entrepreneur Ted Nierenberg, in partnership with Danish designer Jens Quistgaard. Quistgaard designed the majority of the company's products for 30 years, winning many awards.

Materially Speaking
Made of enameled formed sheet steel, Dansk Kobenstyle is lighter weight than enameled cast iron cookware such as Le Creuset. On the upside, it's easier to heft, but on the downside, it doesn't cook as evenly or retain heat as well.

The Kobenstyle line was originally manufactured by Danish supplier Glud & Marstrand, but, in 1966, Dansk switched to a French supplier. The earlier Danish-made pieces are marked with Dansk's "four ducks" logo, and are generally more sought-after by collectors than the later French ones. The initials "IHQ" are Jens Quistgaard's mark.

Colors and Configurations
Rachael Ray regularly shows off her collection of yellow, red, and blue pots, but they also come in turquoise, chocolate brown, almond, white, orange, black, and kelly and hunter green. The interiors are usually white enamel.

In addition to the ubiquitous lidded casserole in its two sizes, the series also includes a paella pan, pitcher, butter warmer, stockpot, frying pan, fondue pot, rectangular baking pan, and a coffee pot.

I give you...
Jens Quistgaard Dansk Kobenstyle kitchenware.....

This person is just trying to make me jealous.  

I have this little red beauty.

I really never thought I'd find one of these in my wildest dreams.
I feel so lucky.  ; )

Is it weird that kitchenware makes me so happy....  ?

This gentleman is playing a song called 
"Kitchen Girl"
on the banjo.
I'm gonna hire him to play it in my kitchen
so I can dance the jig while holding my
Dansk pot.  ; )

Here's to a wacky Wednesday!
May you laugh out loud today!

Love to you all...
xoxo d


  1. Hi, thankyou for enlighten me on Dansk, I've actually searched for info what it meant as I've seen the label mentioned on blogs. But when I've tried to find out about it here in Scandinavia, it was nothing. Being an American company I now understand! Goregeous enamel, never seen Dansk around here. Have a good day!

  2. What a lucky find! It's good to know incase I come across something while thrift storing here in a different part of the country :)

  3. Your lucky find is just BEAUTIFUL....all of Jens H. Quistgaard's pieces are beautiful. Love your blog.

  4. Thank you so much Judith! And thank you for visiting my blog!
    ; )


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